Young Children, Priority One

Objectives and Activities:

Implement projects for children, prenatal through age 5. Projects can address maternal and child health, early development, nutrition, parenting education and support, advocacy, pediatrics trauma or safety.

Popular projects include encouraging literacy, assisting childcare and preschool programs, distributing the home-safety checklist, conducting bicycle safety programs and assisting with immunization programs.

Midland Kiwanis has installed many playgrounds throughout Midland County including West Midland Family Center, Pediatric Applied Behavior Analysis, Shelterhouse. These playgrounds have brought joy to the children and their families. and many more.

There is also a partnership with the family center preschool programs and smiles are always apparent when the holidays come and so do the parties for the children.

9 bright colored metal structures on a white pad.  Foreground a yellow and red metal xylophone.  Next 2 Purple and blue round barrels for drum sounds.  Next a tall green pole with 4 paddles like a fan and a short ball on a stick the hit it.  Back ground is a struture with white hollow tubes and a mallet tp hit it with.
Longview Elementary offers traditional child-centered, high quality childcare for infants through preschool and a half-day Great Start Readiness Preschool Program at Longview Early Childhood Center Childcare and Preschool. This was built with Midland Kiwanis project leadership including the build and funds from Midland Kiwanis Foundation.
  • Co-Chairs: Earl Soules, Ralph Wirtz
  • Members:
    • Frank Aerstin
    • Donna Jo Aiken
    • John Anderson
    • Brad Bahr
    • Karann Chew
    • Cathy Devendorf
    • Don Hammond
    • Chuck Lenk
    • Kevin Shaughnessy